PAUL KIRBY is the creator of the robot named Dulcinea and the force behind A. L. Productions. Kirby has a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from U. C. Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard and has over forty years in computers. He has nineteen years of fine art background and training. Paul also has that spark of innovation that is the mark of a truly original mind. Through a combination of technical expertise, artistic talent and study, and a compelling curiosity, Paul envisioned and then created a robot who uses real-life behaviors and brush strokes to create and paint original art.

THERE IS SO FAR NO CATEGORY for the art Kirby creates with Dulcinea. No one else is making art in the ways Paul and Dulcinea are. It breaks conventional art and technological boundaries, creating surprise and beauty.


In early 1994 Kirby was visiting a Leonardo da Vinci museum show in Malmo, Sweden. The extensive exhibit not only included some of Leonardo’s notebooks but also had drawings of machines and their life-sized wooden replicas. These machines inspired Kirby to put his extensive knowledge and expertise to work on a robot created specifically to paint. He was not interested in re-creating the printer, nor in pixel art. Kirby was looking for haptic art in the tradition of the masters.

FROM THIS INSPIRATION and without a background in art, mechanical engineering, machine-shop operations, robotic design, real-time robotic programming, pneumatics, higher-levels of Lisp programming, artificial intelligence or artificial life, Paul pursued an ambitious, multifaceted track for gaining proficiency in all of these areas.


Kirby succeeded in creating Dulcinea, a robust, fully-automated robot and since, has produced a series of paintings in collaboration with the robot incorporating brush strokes, artificial life computing, and extensive explorations into the history and technique of art.


In addition to Kirby and Dulcinea’s paintings on the walls, his studio includes an eclectic combination of dedicated areas for a machine shop, electrical engineering, software development, an extensive library of art and technical books, paint and canvas preparation, Dulcinea, and a gallery area for paintings and entertaining.


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